Catherine Jett // trapeze, straps, duo trapeze, partner acrobatics

Catherine Jett found circus as a bored 20-something and has never looked back. She delights in how circus combines athleticism, creativity, and collaboration in one single pursuit. Catherine’s first circus love was the static trapeze, but she has since dedicated herself to duo and ensemble work. Catherine trained at Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance in Boulder, Colorado, then joined the staff at Aloft in Chicago, where she taught for over three years before moving to MA. She currently coaches and trains at NECCA and SHOW Circus Studio.


Jessica Hill // choreography, rope, partner acrobatics, trapeze

Jess Hill comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she discovered her love for climbing on things. She completed the Pro Track Professional Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in 2016, with a focus on Corde Lisse and ensemble work. She now teaches at NECCA and SHOW Circus Studio, and performs around New England.


Molly Graves // rope, trapeze, duo trapeze, partner acrobatics

Molly is a Tennessee native who boasts a life-long interest in all things acrobatic. She currently resides in Brattleboro, VT, where she coaches on faculty with the ProTrack Professional Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA). Molly completed NECCA’s ProTrack Program herself in 201112 with a focus on aerial rope and static trapeze; she has trained with professional coaches from Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Elozie, École Nationale de Cirque, Ringling Brothers and Drapés Aériens.

Molly’s performance resume includes guest artist appearances with Acrobatic Conundrum on their 2016 “Love and Gravity” tour; Circus Now’s 2015 International Contemporary Circus Exposure in NY; the 2014 International Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver, CO, where she was awarded “Best Technical Performance” for her aerial rope act; Vault Festival of Aerial Arts in Houston, TX; Carolina Aerial & Dance Exchange in Charlotte, NC; and in collaborations with Susan Murphy at The Marsh Studio in Darien, GA. Additionally, Molly counts herself lucky to be a member of the inspiring & empowering company Girls on Trapeze.


Naomi Ullian  // choreography, trapeze, partner acrobatics, fabric

Naomi Ullian grew up among the cypress swamps and salt marshes of the lowcountry of South Carolina and currently trains, teaches, performs, and runs an apothecary in birch woods and farmlands of Southern Vermont. Originally a student of ballet and contemporary dance, Naomi has trained professionally with Frequent Flyers Aerials Dance and the New England Center for Circus Arts, where she specializes in collaborative and interdisciplinary performance and teaching acrobatics from the inside out, at NECCA and at SHOW Circus Studio. When not engaged in acrobatic inquiry, Naomi can be found foraging in the woods, taking care of her medicinal plant garden, and swimming in wild water.


Megan Gendell  //  trapeze, hand-balancing, partner acrobatics
Megan Gendell is a Philly-based artist who has performed circus professionally since 2007, including at the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, the Golden Karl international circus festival in Riga, Latvia, and the Daidogei World Cup in Japan, all with her trapeze partner, L Feldman. She is a 2012 graduate of NECCA’s Pro-Track Program and currently teaches at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. In the past year Megan has performed classical ballet with the Farm to Ballet Project in Vermont and joined in the creation and performance of three ensemble contemporary circus shows: Alter Circus’s HystericalThe Subject Tonight Is Love with Susan Murphy, and Acrobatic Conundrum’s Fig Tree Waltzes.

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